4 Ways to Show Your Pooch Love on Valentine’s Day

The Hallmark holiday is quickly approaching again, but you don’t need a human valentine to celebrate! If you’re lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you have all the love you’ll ever need. I’ve come across lots of gift guides for pets, but sometimes presents can still miss the mark. On a day dedicated to sharing love, it’d be nice if we could give our undivided attention and time to our fur babies. After all, dogs don’t just want gifts, they want us! But, it’s also understandable to have plans with someone other than our adorable pooches on Valentine’s Day. That’s why I’m sharing a few gifts for your pup that double as quality time spent together.

Here are four gifts to celebrate love between you and your fur baby while spending time with them:


1. Have A Pet & Owner Photo Shoot

Valentine’s Day with your pooch is the perfect excuse to get quality time together. Why not also preserve memories for the future? If you have a smart phone – or know a friend with a high quality camera – a photo shoot can be a fun way to create a meaningful gift for both of you. Take Fido to one of your favorite spots and snap away!

2. Create Paw Print Casts

This is a great idea for any crafty DIY pet owners, but is also easy enough for someone who isn’t so Pinterest inclined. All you’ll need is some standard white flour (not gluten-free), water and salt. Essentially, a paw cast is just home made play-do. Press your pup’s paws into the dough and bake. Paint if you want or leave as is. Now you’ll have a beautiful reminder of Valentine’s Day with your pup for years to come.

3. Make Home Made Treats

The only thing your pup may possibly enjoy more than walks and cuddles is food. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to make some snacks for your cuddle muffin. Give a tasty treat by making these dog-friendly peanut butter or pumpkin snacks. Bonus: humans can enjoy them, too!

 4. Have a Picnic

Do you and your pooch have a favorite hang out spot or a favorite room in the house? Make your dog’s company extra special by having a picnic. Indulge your pup with healthy treats like yogurt, peanut butter covered celery – or a special dog bone – for the occasion.  Of course, this is recommended after a long walk or tiring day at the dog park. That way you can sit and enjoy your food, too!


We want to see a picture of you and your pooch celebrating Valentine’s Day! Follow me on Instagram and tag me in a photo of you lovin’ on your pup. Be sure to use the hashtag #ebonysvdaypets. I’ll repost each contestant and whoever gets the most likes will win a love-box full of goodies from Pet Treater!





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