How Making My Fur Babies Happier in 2018 is Saving Me Money (and How You Can Too!)

In 2018, my New Year’s resolution isn’t just about me, it’s really about my cats. This new year, I’m committed to finding ways I can make my two cats happier by improving each of their nine lives. I’m probably speaking to the choir of fur parents out there by saying this, but my pets are my babies. So when I find opportunities to indulge them in ways that aren’t only FUN, but healthy and practical, I will shout it from the rooftops!

It’s Easier On Repeat

This year I’m all about the monthly subscriptions! What’s better than automatically getting goodies delivered to your door? Subscriptions from sites like to deliver my kitties food and litter permanently takes one task off of my to-do list,  and goodies from CatLady boxes makes it feel like Christmas every month!

Receiving reliable toys and treats isn’t just about being spoiled though, it’s really about enhancing their mental, physical, and emotional health. Just like humans, pets are wired for learning. New toys are great for introducing new ways of playing into our pets’ daily routine. This encourages new stimulation and physical movement to work the muscles in their bodies and brains. When our pets’ minds and bodies stay active, they feel happier, too! As for the new food every month, while it’s not a necessity, it is always healthy to integrate real food like freeze dried meat that includes organs and bones or dehydrated vegetables into their diets. If you’re like me, and want to prioritize broadening your pet’s food horizons with healthy treats, subscription boxes are a perfect fit.

The Personal Pay Off

The best part is it actually helps me budget while saving me time and money. My two kitties, Fat Boy and Daisy Baby, get quite the picking with a variety of treats and toys. I’m spending what’s in my budget every month without getting reeled into spontaneous trips or impulse buys in pet shops. Everyone wins!

Buying these subscription boxes for my own cats got me thinking – how can I offer my clients a similar experience? How can I help enrich the lives of their pets while helping them stick to their budget, save time and money? What part of their lives as a pet parent could be managed on “auto-pilot” and taken off of their to-do list?

My desire to improve my cats’ lives inspired me to do something I’ve never done before…

I’m thrilled to kick 2018 off with Pre-Pay Perks. With my new subscription packages your pets get affordable, practical, and predictable access to the best pet care in Auburn, AL!  

Pre-pay your Pet Nanny Expert with an amount that you can fit into your Monthly Budget.

Subscriptions start as low as $25/month and come packed with goodies for your pet! Your prepaid amount accumulates as Pet Nanny Credit, which is yours to keep and never expires. When you’re ready to book, just use your Pet Nanny Credit pay the invoice! You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Different Options for Your Individual Needs

I’ve designed each package to fit multiple budgets and pet care requirements. Finally, you won’t have to choose between budgeting  or spoiling your pet luxury care and stimulating entertainment. You can do both!

Royal Standard

Nothing but the best for your royal pet!

Perfect for busy pet parents who are always on the go, pets who need frequent visits and additional services regularly.


  •  5% Discount on all services
  •  Preferred Booking: Never pay a late fee
  •  Free bath with each booking*
  •  Free deluxe toy/treat with each booking
  •  Free nail trim, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing with each booking as needed
  •  Special birthday treat and holiday treats
  •  Bonuses and exclusive offers/coupons

*If pet enjoys bathing, upon request

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Spoiled Rotten

What’s better than spoiling your pet? Having your Pet Nanny help you spoil your pet even more!

Perfect for pets who need visiting pet care regularly


  •  Free deluxe toy/treat with each booking
  •  Free nail trim/ ear cleaning with each booking
  •  Priority booking (up to 3 days advanced no late fees)
  •  Special birthday treat
  •  Bonuses and exclusive offers/coupons 

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Pampered Pet

A pre-paid plan for your Pet Nanny that comes with perks!

Perfect for the pet who needs occasional care and other services.


  • Brushing and fluffing of coat
  • Free nail trim and filing with each booking (as necessary)
  • Bonuses and exclusive offers/ coupons
  • Avoid late fees


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You can also auto-schedule your Pet Nanny Expert to do pet related chores such as:

  • Bathing
  • Yard poop scoop
  • Litter box deep cleaning/ sanitation
  • Tooth brushing

Our pets have always been our priority, but 2018 is the year to reclaim your time and budget!

I’m so excited to continue providing you peace of mind while giving your pet the highest standard of pet care, spoiling, and fun!

Happy New Year!

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