If I’m A Pet Sitter, What’s My “Real Job”?

Often when I tell people I am a professional pet sitter, they follow up with: “so…what’s your real job?” or “Oh okay! But what do you want do you want to do when you finish school?”

I even had a very serious interrogation from a fourth-grader at a nail salon insisting I must want another “adult job” when I (finish?) growing up. I’m glad I can laugh about it now, but that conversation revealed a common misconception people have about my very REAL job as pet care expert aka professional pet sitter.

Pet Sitting is Serious Business
If your pet sitter does not see petsitting as their “real job” your pet’s (and your) best interest may be compromised because, let’s face it, we usually choose families or neighbors because of convenience. When a pet sitter is chosen because of convenience – being close to your home, already knowing your pet & family, or last minute needs – that sitter may have also accepted the job because it was convenient for them. If your pet sitter has a “real job” and pet sits on the side for extra money, your pet may not be their first priority. Professional pet sitters are trained to handle specific issues that may arise and, because they depend on your payment for basic needs – they are obligated to your pets. The love and convenience of neighbor/sister/friend is no replacement for a sitter who can administer rescue breathing or CPR if they found your cat unconscious, or who can calm your dog and keep him on his training routine when you are away – and best of all – who actually enjoys doing so!


If you’ve experienced a hobby sitter canceling at the last minute (or worse, mid-trip!) or have experienced a breech of trust from someone you hired to take care of your animals – i.e. company without your consent, your privacy invaded, or neglecting your instructions for your fur babies – then you also know the anxiety, guilt and stress that you can carry with you while on a business trip or a vacation. When you choose a professional petsitter to take care of your pets, you are owed something priceless: peace of mind that your pets safety and comfort is their number one priority.

Once I realized the need for trustworthy and reliable pet care in Auburn, I was determined to help others realize what being professional pet care expert truly means.

Here are just a few reasons why professional pet sitter qualifies as my”real job”:

I’ve filed legal paperwork to form a limited liability cooperation business (and pay taxes) in Auburn, AL.
I am certified in Pet First Aid and take advantage of continuous education opportunities to stay prepared in any emergency.
I maintain valid pet sitters insurance (which is only available to licensed businesses) that will cover medical and veterinary expenses in case of an emergency and home damage due to negligence of the sitter.
I’ve invested in state of the art pet sitting software that confirms each appointment with GPS, pictures, and email.
I maintain updated files of each client and pet detailing emergency information, their local veterinarian, allergies/medications, normal behavior, etc.
I build long term, intimate relationships with my pet nieces and nephews. I’ll take them to the dog park, to the vet, pick up their food or litter from the grocery store, and show up with their favorite toys and treats.
I’ve invested in first aid and safety equipment/harnesses/toys/balls etc to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and entertained in my care.
I don’t squeeze a “quick check in” on your pet into my daily schedule…your pet’s care is my schedule!

Like most professional pet sitters, my pet sitting company is my livelihood. It’s how I feed myself, maintain my home, and provide for two very hungry cats.

To many of my clients, I’ve become an all-around “pet nanny”‘, ensuring their pets receive the proper care, love, and attention they deserve and allowing them the freedom to live their life without guilt!

So, to that fourth-grader who is still wondering what I will be when I grow up, my answer will be a pet sitter no matter how old I am.

Are you ready to book a professional pet sitter or dog walker? Schedule your FREE consultation to get a Pet Nanny Expert today! 

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