Why You Should Consider Fostering an Animal for the Holidays

The holidays is when we become more aware of the needs of those around us. It is a wonderful thing to give – not only gifts, but time. Greater than both those things, though, is giving your heart.

Though Lee County Humane Society (LCHS) in Auburn is in great need of those who are able and willing to provide homes for foster animals at all times of the year, their #NoMoreWastedLives (#NMWL) campaign each December is a great opportunity not just to make a difference, but to experience a love you may have never known before. If you’ve been on the fence about pet ownership, becoming a foster fur parent can even help you decide once and for all if you want to have a pet for life.

Why is fostering so important?
Fostering is necessary for day-to-day humane society operations by freeing space for incoming animals. This is especially important for shelters like LCHS which cannot turn away animals found within county limits. Thanks to foster homes, LCHS is able to accept over 5,000 animals per year and steadily maintains over a 90% live release rate!


When do animals need to go into foster care?
Without fosters, shelters could not complete practices critical to the function of the shelter. Animals need to go into foster:

When they are too young to adopt out. LCHS keeps puppies up to eight weeks in foster care before they become eligible for adoption.
After surgery or heart worm treatment when pets require special attention or a quiet calm environment to heal.

To accommodate room for new animals or for other issues that arise at the shelter.
During the holiday’s especially LCHS encourages fostering of adult dogs and long term residents who could use a much needed break from the shelter life.

What animals are available to foster?
Any animal waiting for its forever home is available to be fostered. Most shelters require an application to determine eligibility for becoming a foster fur parent. This is to protect the animal while making sure the intermediary family is not taking on an obligation they can’t truly handle.


If you are interested in giving as an #LCHSholidayfoster email holidayfoster@leecountyhumane.org. If you can’t foster, but would still like to help LCHS rescue animals and help provide families with life companions in the spirit of the holiday season and #NMWL, donations and volunteers are always welcome.

Do you want to skip the fostering step and go straight to adoption? Check out the LCHS Weekly Wishlist by following them on Facebook.

Learn more about how you can help animals in need by visiting www.leecountyhumane.org .

Happy Holidays!

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