4 Holiday Foods You Should Reconsider Sharing with Your Pet

The holidays are finally upon us. With good food comes laughter, cheer…and lots of temptations for pets! If you’re a pet owner, you probably have heard that some foods can be deadly to your pup, namely chocolate (especially cocoa), cooked bones and garlic. While these may be at the forefront of your mind, here are some foods that may be a little less obvious, but just as toxic to your fur babies:

1. Stuffing

Generally a staple on tables nationwide, stuffing is a popular favorite for many families during the holiday celebrations. It’s not the bread that’s a problem for pets, but the flavor enhancers that can cause health issues for our furry friends. Onions and chives are a crowd-pleaser in many dishes, but are especially common in stuffing recipes. So be sure to keep this side dish far out of reach from your pup as they are known to cause anemia in dogs when consumed in large quantities.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Just like many food no-nos for pets around the holidays, the main ingredient of this dish is safe – and even healthy – when cooked alone. However, traditional mashed potato recipes call for lactose-packed ingredients. Milk and butter can cause some serious stomach upset, gas and diarrhea. The last thing you want to be doing after slaving over the stove all day is cleaning up messes your pup left behind. Bonus: making sure your dog stays out of the mashed potatoes also means your guests won’t have to put up with noxious odors that may otherwise be released from your pup during dinner!

3. Store Bought Sweets

What would a holiday dinner be without dessert? If you or your guests aren’t Betty Crocker, chances are they’ll be swinging by the grocery store for a last-minute cake or pie option. While this is all fine and dandy for our taste buds, it can be deadly for pets. Xylitol is an ingredient commonly used in pre-made baked goods and candy and should not be accessible to dogs or cats.

4. Fruitcake (Raisins & Walnuts)

We all know someone who will bring a fruitcake to your house. Though scientists are still unsure of the cause, raisins and grapes have been known to cause fatality in dogs. For this reason, fruitcake and salads should be avoided. Mycotoxins found in walnuts (and macadamian nuts) can cause neurological dysfunction, and over time, pancreatic problems.

By paying extra caution to these foods when putting them on your table, you can help make your feast a success for humans and fur-friends!

Happy Eating!


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